For years, eco-friendly people that want to be part of the solution have not had many options for home energy. Recently, several states, including NY have made community solar available. This allows residents and businesses alike to choose clean energy from their utility. There is no longer a need to buy expensive equipment thus making solar power available to all Upstate NY residents, including renters.

Rochester Community Solar availability is an exciting change. RGE currently receives the majority of its energy from sources like nuclear, coal and hydropower. By choosing renewable energy from solar, you can make a positive impact by “greening the grid” and helping to limit the creation of nuclear waste.

Another big benefit to choosing community solar power in Rochester NY is you save 10% off of your RGE electric cost. You still receive your power through the RGE grid but you greatly reduce your carbon footprint and lower your monthly expenses. Why not save 10% when you can help save the planet and notice no difference at home? Your participation is one step closer to a future where clean, renewable energy is a big part of how we power our homes and businesses.