Home Solar Systems

There are several options for Rochester Home Solar systems.  More and more people are looking to save money, go entirely off the grid or lessen their dependence on “dirty energy”.  If you are curious about the process of installing solar at your house, there are a few main way to accomplish this:

  • Hire a company to figure it out for you – There are companies that will come out for a free consultation and walk you through the entire process.  They will determine what you need and estimate what the installation will cost, and what your long term savings will be. NYSERDA can help you find a reputable contractor
  • Install your own solar panels –  If you are someone comfortable with doing work on your property, you might save some money        by purchasing wholesale solar equipment.  There are companies that sell complete solar kits in Rochester that will help guide you through the process.  Check out this solar panel cost estimator to get an idea.
  • Opt for Community Solar – If you want to save some money and go “green” with no investment or equipment for your house, you    may want to join a community solar program